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What can you gain?

When the code audit can help your Team?

It’s become more and more challenging to add to your Angular application new functionalities and change the current ones.

You see that your application is running slowly, but it’s hard to identify the core problem

You are about to add new complex functionality to your project you have never dealt with before and are unsure about the risks and challenges you might face

You don’t know how to approach the architecture and code breakdown of new applications in Angular (use monorepo, polyrepo, micro-frontends, monolith, single build, multiple builds, and etc.).

What does Angular code audit include?

Our team of experienced Angular developers will thoroughly review your code to identify any vulnerabilities and give you recommendations in 4 areas:

CODE quality

We will review the overall quality of the codebase, tech stack, project configuration, additional tools, automated testing, CI/CD etc.


We will assess the organization and structure of the Angular project to ensure you can scale up not only the project but also the team.


We will check how much effort and time is needed to introduce a new requirement, how confident you can be in making a change in your system without new bugs


We will measure and analyze the efficiency, responsiveness, and speed of the application, identifying bottlenecks and areas for optimization.

When the code audit can help your Team?

The detailed report describing issues we uncover.


You’ll also gain valuable insights into optimizing the code for better performance and general development practices, including how to automate the work of your dev team.

As a result, you will:

Gain knowledge about what you have to work on

Minimize or avoid technical debt in the future

Win a better understanding of project structure and functionality

Eliminate current and potentially future bugs

Significantly reduce costs of maintenance and development of your product.

Increase the user experience by improving the app's performance, removing bugs, and making the app more user-friendly.

Who are we

About House of Angular

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We are a team of passionate Angular who build expertise in dozens of Angular projects. We worked with different types of products and dealt with various tech challenges. 

Our experts share knowledge with community on a blog and at meet-ups. We have won an award for Angular Hero of Education 2022 and Angular Hero of Community 2021.

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