Unlock your Angular application’s full potential with an expert consultation

Take the first step to enhancing your application for greater business success. Get the tools to maximize the efficiency and performance of your Angular application and gain a competitive advantage.


Access knowledge and expertise needed to leverage Angular’s full potential.


Get a tailored consultation from Angular experts you can trust.

Work with a strategic roadmap and take your Angular application to the next level

Get Angular consulting that goes beyond a simple code audit. Your application is the key to achieving your business goals. That’s why we focus on aligning our consultation services with your objectives. By understanding your unique context and business requirements, we can provide tailored recommendations that drive results.


Receive a comprehensive analysis of your application that focuses on your business goals. 


Achieve your business objectives by addressing both technical and organizational challenges.

How you can benefit from a consultation

Hire experts who have worked with Angular since its release and continue to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. Ensure that you receive the most relevant and effective direction for your Angular projects.

Have access to Angular experts without the need for long-term hiring commitments and costs

Gain a fresh perspective on your Angular applications

Discover hard-to-detect issues

Receive actionable recommendations

Get ongoing support for implementing changes

What does Angular consulting look like?

We know that every business is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand your specific business needs and challenges. Our Angular consultants will discover the best ways to address your pain points and help you achieve your business goals.

Introduction to your business

  1. We will meet with you to gather context about your Angular project, the current state of your application, the changes you want to implement, and the challenges you face. This helps us define what we want to achieve together, such as improving scalability and performance. 

Product Examination

  1. We will take a close look at your application and its code. Our Angular consultants will examine the problems firsthand, identify any hidden problems that may be affecting your applications, and gain a complete understanding of the challenges your business is facing.

Strategic Roadmap

  1. Based on our analysis, we will present a report that will serve as your guide. It will outline what solutions are worth investing in and which ones are not, recommendations for quick wins, and long-term solutions, as well as data visualization on how to prioritize change implementation

Ongoing support

  1. We will remain a resource for you after the consultation. We can work together to implement solutions by cooperating with your in-house developers as additional support or as an independent team. Your existing team can also learn from our experts to further their Angular development skills.

What Do We Provide You With?

As part of our consultation services, you will receive:

A report that presents the best solutions for each challenge

Solutions categorized by issue and required effort

Recommendations on technologies and tools you should use

Quick wins that can deliver immediate results

Guidance on the order in which changes should be implemented

Why us?

We are a team of Angular development experts who have been building applications since the early days of Angular. With over 10 years of experience in application development, we have become a trusted business partner for companies of different sizes and sectors. We provide Angular consulting to share our expertise with companies that rely on Angular applications.


Our experts share their knowledge of Angular development with the Angular.love community on a blog and at meet-ups. We have won an award for Angular Hero of Education 2022 and Angular Hero of Community 2021.

Get Angular consulting for your project

Drive your business forward with the help of experts. Find out how to improve your application with a strategic roadmap and Angular consulting tailored to your project and business needs.