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High Quality Enterprise Angular Development.

We build really high quality frontend with Angular Framework. No compromises. Only the best solutions.

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Complete Enterprise Angular Development

If you need to build, rewrite or just help in the development of your front-end you get it from us.

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Quick team setup

  • Build team that you need just on time.

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Audits and Consulting

If you are not sure if your front-end goes in the right direction or just want to make some improvements to keep high quality we might help you with that.

How we build Angular apps

Top Angular Development Guaranteed

Over 5 years of experience, awards, and tens of Angular projects done.

Development speed

Reusable components, best developers, in-house tools, best practices, and huge experience give the best development speed formula. Desktop & Mobile.

Interdisciplinary skills

We work on business-oriented goals, so you start generating value from technology fast.

Develop across all platforms

We will develop your solution on multiple platforms thanks to Ionic, PWA, and more.

Awesome user experience

Angular material with great intuitive app design keeps the user experience on the highest level.

Professional Technology Stack

Angular Team


Angular Team Leader & Architect

Guides team members and helps them develop a senior software engineer skill set. Krzysiek also develops Angular web apps himself. He is keen on business analysis and web app architecture tailored to client needs.


Angular Team Leader

Mentors team members, helps them with their daily tasks and develops web applications with Angular. Mateusz is acquiring an expertise in the field of reverse engineering.


Angular Developer

Developer experienced in creating SPAs with Angular framework. He is interested in the frontend architectural patterns and algorithms.


Angular Developer

Frontend developer specialized in creating web applications using Angular 2+, HTML5, CSS3, NgRx & Nrwl Nx. His main goal is to master Angular.


Angular & Android Developer

Web and mobile applications developer. Mobile technology and clean architecture are main interests of Arkadiusz.


Angular Developer

Young developer, who works with technologies such as Angular, NgRx and HTML. Programming is his passion, but he is also interested in stock exchange and investments.


Angular Developer

Open to new challenges and enjoys going into the business aspects of applications. Also, communicative and appreciates teamwork.


Angular Developer

A young developer whose main goal is to create the most efficient and user-friendly Angular applications possible. After hours, he trains amateur figure skating.


Angular Developer

Developer specialized in building web applications with TypeScript. Enthusiast of steady self-improvement. Detail-oriented individual who tends to strive for the facts.


Angular & Java Developer

Java developer trying his best at Angular. Jakub’s interests are application architecture and big data, currently he works on two Big Data projects.


Angular Developer

Frontend developer who enjoys user friendly, clean code applications and is always keen to learn new technologies. Synth and vinyl records collector.


Angular & Java Developer

Young developer working on the backend development. In his spare time, he focuses on learning new technologies such as Angular. He also likes to create amazing projects with Arduino.


Angular Team Leader

Manages a team of PHP developers and helps them achieve their goals in the best possible way. He encourages people to continuously improve their skills.


Angular Developer

Frontend developer who pays attention to detail and aesthetic. His plan is to become an Angular expert and continue to grow as a developer in general. He’s interested in guitar playing and sound production.


Angular Developer

He is passionate about Angular and NestJS frameworks. Automation and IOT enthusiast. In his spare time, he enjoys getting to know the concept of reverse engineering.


Angular Developer

A frontend developer who focuses on teamwork and appreciates loose relationships with colleagues. He claims “It wasn’t he who chose Angular but Angular chose him.” He always tries to raise his competencies in this area and be up-to-date with news from the world of the front-end.


Angular Developer

He is passionate about programming, specializing in Angular 2+. Konrad likes to solve algorithmic problems and share his passion with others. After work, you can find him somewhere on the mountain trail.


Angular Developer

A developer who works with Angular, however he’s open for new tools and technologies. Programming is his passion, but he is also interested in renewable energy. He always walks his own path.


Angular Developer

Kuba fell in love with Angular at first sight. His main goal is to perfect his knowledge of the framework and create user-friendly and high-performance apps. Guitarist and bookworm.


Angular Developer

Frontend developer with a passion for design. She loves turning aesthetically pleasing UI into a real application. After work, she takes care of her plants or plays board games.


Angular Developer

Szymon is passionate about creating user-friendly and clean web applications. In his free time, he’s an avid climber and pianist


Angular Developer

He’s passionate about new technologies and appreciates and values teamwork. In his free time, he deals with electronics, builds an IVI system for his car, and develops his hobby – RC vehicle

Benefits of using Angular

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Fast development

Angular allows a developer to build Angular web apps faster and make them highly efficient thanks to ready-made solutions, templates and components.

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Angular Material

Angular Material is a list of ready-made components and modules useful in efficient app development.

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Readable and Testable

What makes Angular code logical, consistent, and easy to follow for a front-end specialist is its structural elements, so modules and components.

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Flexible use

Build web apps, mobile web apps, native mobile apps, and even desktop software.

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Improved Speed and Performance

Angular capabilities and advanced tools make programmers’ work easier and enable quick loading of the application.

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Used by the biggest brands

It’s used, developed, and trusted by the biggest and most innovative companies in the business like Gmail, MS Office etc.


Why Tech Companies build their Angular Frontend with us

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The best Angular Team in Poland

Build your angular assets with the best angular team in Poland.

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Quick team setup

  • Build team that you need just on time.

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Fast and mature development

Over 5 years of expertise in Angular. Tens of projects done.

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High quality development process

Professional technology stack and tools.

house of angular new practices

Get to know how

We are happy to give you our know how.

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Best practices

Developed during dozens of Angular projects.