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Angular Team


Angular Team Leader & Architect

Guides team members and helps them develop a senior software engineer skill set. Krzysiek also develops Angular web apps himself. He is keen on business analysis and web app architecture tailored to client needs.


Angular Team Leader

Mentors team members, helps them with their daily tasks and develops web applications with Angular. Mateusz is acquiring an expertise in the field of reverse engineering.


NestJS Team Leader & Angular Developer

Most of his time Maciej spends on Angular or Node.js apps but aside from that he is creating and supporting libraries and other solutions used in his work.


Angular Developer

Developer with experience in web apps. Conducts Angular courses. Adrian is a communicative, wanting to develop programmer with a head full of ideas.


Angular Developer

Frontend developer specialized in creating web applications using Angular 2+, HTML5, CSS3, NgRx & Nrwl Nx. His main goal is to master Angular.


Angular & Android Developer

Web and mobile applications developer. Mobile technology and clean architecture are main interests of Arkadiusz.


Angular Developer

Developer full of passion for frontend technologies. He constantly tries to self-improve and acquire new knowledge.


Angular Developer

Developer aspiring to develop his skills to the highest level possible. Constant studying and effort are a road to that goal.


Angular Developer

Young developer, who works with technologies such as Angular, NgRx and HTML. Programming is his passion, but he is also interested in stock exchange and investments.


Angular Developer

Open to new challenges and enjoys going into the business aspects of applications. Also, communicative and appreciates teamwork.


Angular Developer

A young developer whose main goal is to create the most efficient and user-friendly Angular applications possible. After hours, he trains amateur figure skating.


Angular Developer

Frontend developer with passion for programming who works with Angular, RxJs and NgRx. She is interested in clean code and design patterns. She learns new technologies and constantly improves her knowledge.


Angular Developer

Developer specialized in building web applications with TypeScript. Enthusiast of steady self-improvement. Detail-oriented individual who tends to strive for the facts.


Angular Developer

Developer interested in clean code, new design patterns, and software architecture overall. Fan of Domain Driven Design approach. Works both with Angular and NestJS frameworks. In his work pays attention to details.


Angular & Java Developer

Java developer trying his best at Angular. Jakub’s interests are application architecture and big data, currently he works on two Big Data projects.


Angular Developer

Frontend developer who enjoys user friendly, clean code applications and is always keen to learn new technologies. Synth and vinyl records collector.


Angular Developer

Thirst for a knowledge frontend developer with a passion for mobile and hybrid technologies. Open-minded, always looking for ways to improve his work. Science and astronomy enthusiast.

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