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big-scale development projects worldwide (USA, Germany, UK, Norway, Belgium and other). Look at our Angular case studies

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Angular experts who have worked with Angular since its release and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. See our career opportunities and work with us


years of experience building enterprise-scale web applications including ERP and CRM solutions, CMSes, e-learning and B2B e-commerce platforms, and more


lectures, articles, and open-source projects our team made while driving the Angular community forwards. See our blog

We know it’s hard to be up-to-date with the latest technology while building the business. We see that many companies build front end without long-term perspective and new tools. As a result, they lose time and money with the code base their teams got stuck fixing and adding new features to.

Our team lives and breathes Angular. That’s why we help other businesses use the best framework functionalities to build secure, scalable, and high-quality applications. We’ve done it for many years for some of the world’s top brands.

It’s important to us to understand your business context and technical approach. That way, we can craft the most efficient solutions and choose specialists with the experience that best fits the project.

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About House of Angular

Our mission is to craft the finest frontend solutions using Angular, while imparting our knowledge and expertise to other users of the framework.


We support major Angular libraries such as NgRx, NGXS, and ngneat, and our team actively contributes to Angular’s open-source projects, benefiting the wider community. This dedication has led us to receive over 100 resumes monthly, allowing us to select the most dedicated and skilled Angular developers.


We have been recognized with the Angular Hero of Community 2021 award.

We established a thriving developer community: What initially started as a blog for experts to discuss Angular updates, features, and best practices quickly grew into one of the biggest hot spots for Angular enthusiasts, continuously expanding its reach by hosting meetups featuring Google Developer Experts.


The community proudly holds the Angular Hero of Education 2022 award, which recognizes our contributions to developer education in the Angular ecosystem.

House of Angular developers team

See who works for your Angular project. Know your House of Angular developers and managers.


Angular Developer  He is passionate about programming and specializes in Angular 2+. He likes to solve algorithmic problems and share his passion with others. After work, you can find him somewhere on the mountain trail.


Angular Developer He is passionate about Angular and NestJS frameworks. He’s an automation and IOT enthusiast. In his spare time, he enjoys getting to know the concept of reverse engineering.


Angular Developer A developer who specializes in building web applications with TypeScript. A self-improvement enthusiast and a detail-oriented individual who tends to strive for the facts.


Angular Developer A frontend developer who specializes in creating web applications using Angular 2+, HTML5, CSS3, NgRx & Nrwl Nx. His main goal is to master Angular.


Angular Developer  A young developer, who works with technologies such as Angular, NgRx and HTML. Programming is his passion, but he is also interested in stock exchange and investments.


Angular Team Leader Mentors team members, helps them with their daily tasks and develops web applications with Angular. Mateusz is acquiring an expertise in the field of reverse engineering.


Angular Team Leader & Architect Guides team members and helps them develop a senior software engineer skill set. He also develops Angular web apps himself. He is keen on business analysis and web app architecture tailored to project needs.


Angular Team Leader Manages a team of Angular developers and helps them achieve their goals in the best possible way. He encourages people to continuously improve their skills.

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At House of Angular, we leverage a cutting-edge technological stack to craft robust solutions. Our toolkit includes Angular, RxJS, NgRx/NGXS, Nx, Docker, Cypress, Jest, and more. With a foundation built on innovation and efficiency, we harness these powerful tools to drive the creation of high-performance web applications, ensuring our clients stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

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