Successful products are not only visually appealing to your audience, but also highly tailored to users’ needs. With the right design tools, methodologies based on design thinking and a human-centered approach you can provide your users with the ultimate user experience.

A Scalable Web Application with a Customizable UI

Our client is Transaction-Network, a start-up from Germany that uses a B2B application to digitally transform after-sales support. Their goal is to provide a complete digital customer platform to machine manufacturers so they can grow their business and achieve success in sales and customer service.

Technology used

Angular NgRx RxJs Iconic/Capacitor HTML5 nrwl/nx tools CSS3 An Angular Material

Key Features

  • Two separate apps for manufacturers and their customers,
  • Company, machines, parts, and services management
  • Bill of material with 3D interactive models
  • Markets, warehouses, stocks, advanced e-commerce
  • Maintenance, customer service, knowledge database modules
  • Open architecture, customizability, external API integrability
Three views from the mobile application showing: the search panel, the search page filtering by country and the date selection panel

Social Media, Culture and Travel App


We developed a brand new social media, culture, and travel app that offers a new way of exploring the world – ensuring the user is able to share and find the experiences and recommendations they are looking for. We were responsible for improving and maintaining the backend part of the mobile application, including the AWS infrastructure.

Technology used

NestJS 7.x CQRS GraphQL TypeORM TypeScript Passport

Key Features

  • Strong usage of Google Maps API
  • Searching along with places from API
  • Attaching photos to the places
  • Following other users activity
  • Integration with Google, Facebook, and Apple

Conservation Planning App


Marxan is a freely available conservation planning software. It provides decision support to a range of conservation planning problems, including the design of new reserve systems, performance reports of existing reserve systems and developing multiple-use zoning plans for natural resource management.

Technology used

NestJS 7.x CQRS TypeORM TypeScript

Key Features

  • System integrated with Github + Gitlab + Bitbucket
  • Finding solutions to (spatial) conservation planning problems
  • Decision support to the design of new reserve systems
  • Developing multiple-use zoning plans for natural resource management
  • Meet spatial requirements such as compactness of a reserve system
  • Identify areas that efficiently meet targets for a range of biodiversity features for minimal cost
  • Complex natural resource management problems can have millions of potential solutions – how do you choose one that meets all of your goals
Three views from the mobile application showing in order: two "discover" views and a side panel

Lawn Care Guide App


Scotts is a chemical company that mainly deals with fertilizer manufacture. The whole system consists of several parts. The main application is responsible for handling orders created in the Scotts shop built on top of Shopify. The application’s complex process sends significant information to the company by communicating with the shop.

Technology used

NestJS 7.x CQRS DDD TypeORM TypeScript

Key Features

  • Shop with chemical fertilizers
  • Complex process of handling an order
  • Intelligent system serving to divide products into bundles to deliver them efficiently

The first page of the system containing a short summary and analysis of progress

Smart Delivery Management System


The system helps construction companies digitize their onsite logistics. Users can track deliveries down the supply chain in order to always know where the materials are, reducing on-site accidents and wastage.

Technology used

NestJS 8.x CQRS DDD TypeORM TypeScript

Key Features

  • Smart delivery management system providing real-time control of materials to complex construction sites
  • Construction site visualization
  • Track deliveries all the way down the supply chain

Pimp My Pull Requests


It’s an open-source application that will pimp your pull requests by collecting and submitting PR statistics. Users can see the number of pull requests and the bottlenecks in their projects. It is visible if the workload is too big and how many lines of code are left to check. 

Technology used

Angular NgRx RxJS JavaScript HTML nrwl/nx tools CSS3 Angular Material TypeScript NestJS

Key Features

  • System integrated with Github + Gitlab + Bitbucket
  • Dashboard with all repositories
  • See all PR’s with the number of lines, person assigned, and lifetime of PR