Successful products are not only visually appealing to your audience, but also highly tailored to users’ needs. With the right design tools, methodologies based on design thinking and a human-centered approach you can provide your users with the ultimate user experience.

The arena planning tab where the calendar with the schedule of classes for particular arena can be seen

Riding School Web Portal


The created system allows members to make bookings directly from their account and gives parents access to their children’s bookings. The users can also authorize their instructors to manage their lesson schedule or update lesson details.

Technology used

Angular NgRx RxJS TypeScript HTML5 CSS3 Angular Material

Key Features

  • Remote update & access information
  • Organize with unlimited space
  • Editable with riding gloves
  • History tracking
  • Industrial grade application

Dashboard of the contract management system containing sections of the general summary, operators and merchants

Fleet Agreement Manager


A fleet contract is a signed agreement with an end-user (fleet) intending to create a pull effect towards the trade channel and to build a sustainable business relationship with the Indirect Fleet at the same time. The system digitalizes the former paper-based process by providing bonus set ups per customer, online invoice approval, and reporting options.

Technology used

Angular NgRx HTML5 nrwl/nx tools Polymer 3 Angular Material

Key Features

  • Adding invoices to the system
  • Access to the FAQ section
  • Statistics preview
  • Generating a sales report for clients
  • Ability to generate various types of sales reports
  • Possibility of conducting periodic sales campaigns

Mockup of the appointments tab designed for the needs of managing activities in the calendar

Pharmacy Network Management App


The goal was to offer tools for companies in the pharmacy industry and make their work more efficient and safe. The system enables users to manage pharmacy employees and deliveries. A user has access to the modules at any time and from anywhere.

Technology used

Angular NgRx RxJS JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 Angular Material

Key Features

  • Easy creating and monitoring all tasks
  • Secure storage, sharing and joint editing of documents from any location
  • Monitoring of performance and compliance requirements
  • Consistent recording of working hours

The mockup presents a dashboard of a desktop system prepared for inventory management

Tire Inventory Planning Software


We created a web application to manage tire inventory. The tool takes the business to the next level with an algorithm that helps to plan tire stock for future periods and boost sales thanks to the simplified system.

Technology used

Angular NgRx Web Components Vaadin HTML5 nrwl/nx tools Polymer 3 Angular Material

Key Features

  • Planning tire inventory for future periods
  • Organizing tire stock by brand and numbers
  • Unique algorithm to manage future plans

The mockup presents a dashboard for a desktop application designed for order management.

Animal Food Sales App


Broering is an ordering app where clients can order cattle feed. The system provides a secure place for order placement, sending claims and callbacks as well as for billing and delivery account management. The application includes a web application for administrators and a mobile version for clients.

Technology used

Angular NgRx RxJS Ionic/Capacitor TypeScript ngneat/transloco PWA Angular Material

Key Features

  • Order placement
  • Current orders view
  • Re-ordering system
  • Billing and delivery account management
  • Silos management
The mockup presents a dashboard of a desktop system designed for business management

Business Management System


We have been developing INOSA since 2017 and our key task was to create a web application to manage documents. The tool simplifies important work processes and ensures that the business has a culture of continuous improvement. Our other goal was to increase safety and quality at the workplace.

Technology used

AngularNgRx RxJs Iconic/Capacitor HTML5 nrwl/nx tools CSS3 Angular Material

Key Features

  • Documents visualization
  • Models processing
  • Competence Management
  • Incident Management
  • Action Log
  • Visual reports