Successful products are not only visually appealing to your audience, but also highly tailored to users’ needs. With the right design tools, methodologies based on design thinking and a human-centered approach you can provide your users with the ultimate user experience.

Mockup of the appointments tab designed for the needs of managing activities in the calendar

Pharmacy Network Management App


The goal was to offer tools for companies in the pharmacy industry and make their work more efficient and safe. The system enables users to manage pharmacy employees and deliveries. A user has access to the modules at any time and from anywhere.

Technology used

Angular 12x NgRx RxJS JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 Angular Material

Key Features

  • Easy creating and monitoring all tasks
  • Secure storage, sharing and joint editing of documents from any location
  • Monitoring of performance and compliance requirements
  • Consistent recording of working hours



The arena planning tab where the calendar with the schedule of classes for particular arena can be seen

Riding School Web Portal


The created system allows members to make bookings directly from their account and gives parents access to their children’s bookings. The users can also authorize their instructors to manage their lesson schedule or update lesson details.

Technology used

Angular 12x NgRx RxJS TypeScript HTML5 CSS3 Angular Material

Key Features

  • Remote update & access information
  • Organize with unlimited space
  • Editable with riding gloves
  • History tracking
  • Industrial grade application



Pimp My Pull Requests


It’s an open-source application that will pimp your pull requests by collecting and submitting PR statistics. Users can see the number of pull requests and the bottlenecks in their projects. It is visible if the workload is too big and how many lines of code are left to check. 

Technology used

Angular 12x NgRx RxJS JavaScript HTML nrwl/nx tools CSS3 Angular Material TypeScript NestJS

Key Features

  • System integrated with Github + Gitlab + Bitbucket
  • Dashboard with all repositories
  • See all PR’s with the number of lines, person assigned, and lifetime of PR



The first page of the system containing a short summary and analysis of progress

Smart Delivery Management System


The system helps construction companies digitize their onsite logistics. Users can track deliveries down the supply chain in order to always know where the materials are, reducing on-site accidents and wastage.

Technology used

NestJS 8.x CQRS DDD TypeORM TypeScript

Key Features

  • Smart delivery management system providing real-time control of materials to complex construction sites
  • Construction site visualization
  • Track deliveries all the way down the supply chain



Conservation Planning App


Marxan is a freely available conservation planning software. It provides decision support to a range of conservation planning problems, including the design of new reserve systems, performance reports of existing reserve systems and developing multiple-use zoning plans for natural resource management.

Technology used

NestJS 7.x CQRS TypeORM TypeScript

Key Features

  • System integrated with Github + Gitlab + Bitbucket
  • Finding solutions to (spatial) conservation planning problems
  • Decision support to the design of new reserve systems
  • Developing multiple-use zoning plans for natural resource management
  • Meet spatial requirements such as compactness of a reserve system
  • Identify areas that efficiently meet targets for a range of biodiversity features for minimal cost
  • Complex natural resource management problems can have millions of potential solutions – how do you choose one that meets all of your goals