Conservation Planning App

Technology Nest
Client Vizzuality, Spain
Industry Environment


Marxan is freely available conservation planning software. It provides decision support to a range of conservation planning problems, including the design of new reserve systems, reporting on the performance of existing reserve systems, and developing multiple-use zoning plans for natural resource management. This software can be used to help defining an optimal system of protected areas using ecological, social and economic criteria. Many researchers and practitioners are using it in combination with data obtained through the GBIF network to maximize the impact of reserves and protected areas around the world.

Key Features

  • System integrated with Github + Gitlab + Bitbucket
  • Finding solutions to (spatial) conservation planning problems
  • Decision support to the design of new reserve systems
  • Developing multiple-use zoning plans for natural resource management
  • Meet spatial requirements such as compactness of a reserve system
  • Identify areas that efficiently meet targets for a range of biodiversity features for minimal cost
  • Complex natural resource management problems can have millions of potential solutions – how do you choose one that meets all of your goals


  • NestJS 7.x
  • CQRS
  • TypeORM
  • Typescript
  • Postgres & PostGIS
  • BullMQ
  • JIRA
  • Hexagonal Architecture
  • Gherkin & Cucumber
  • Turf


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