House of Angular Team

House Of Angular builds software that empowers clients to take their business to the top level. Our intention is to deliver the perfect smoothly working front-end. We believe in passion, teamwork and determination that lead to our success. Our greatest value is strong teamwork, because we know how to be a great team! Let’s get to know each other!

House of Angular Team!

A lot of great people, knowledge, and experience in one place. Shared values, energy and goals. Together we make a great and unique team.

Angular Team


Angular Team Leader & Architect

Guides team members and helps them develop a senior software engineer skill set. He also develops Angular web apps himself. He is keen on business analysis and web app architecture tailored to project needs.


Angular Team Leader

Mentors team members, helps them with their daily tasks and develops web applications with Angular. Mateusz is acquiring an expertise in the field of reverse engineering.


Angular Team Leader

Manages a team of Angular developers and helps them achieve their goals in the best possible way. He encourages people to continuously improve their skills.


Angular Developer

A frontend developer who specializes in creating web applications using Angular 2+, HTML5, CSS3, NgRx & Nrwl Nx. His main goal is to master Angular.


Angular Developer

 A young developer, who works with technologies such as Angular, NgRx and HTML. Programming is his passion, but he is also interested in stock exchange and investments.


Angular Developer

A developer who specializes in building web applications with TypeScript. A self-improvement enthusiast and a detail-oriented individual who tends to strive for the facts.


Angular Developer

He is passionate about Angular and NestJS frameworks. He’s an automation and IOT enthusiast. In his spare time, he enjoys getting to know the concept of reverse engineering.


Angular Developer

 He is passionate about programming and specializes in Angular 2+. He likes to solve algorithmic problems and share his passion with others. After work, you can find him somewhere on the mountain trail.


Angular Developer

A developer who works with Angular, however he’s open for new tools and technologies. Programming is his passion, but he is also interested in renewable energy. He always walks his own path.


Angular Developer

He fell in love with Angular at first sight. His main goal is to perfect his framework knowledge and create user-friendly and high-performance apps. In his free time he’s a guitarist and a bookworm.


Angular Developer

 A frontend developer with passion for design. She loves turning aesthetically pleasing UI into real applications. After work, she takes care of her plants or plays board games.


Angular Developer

A young Angular developer who is always eager to learn new things. She loves programming and working with a friendly team. In her spare time, she spends time outside or watches cartoons.


Angular Developer

A frontend developer who takes care of the designer’s concept to build professional apps. He’s passionate about Angular starting from the alpha version.


Angular Developer

A young Angular Developer aiming to become an expert. Coming from a family of musicians, he strives to combine the humanistic world of art with the scientific world of technology.


Angular Developer

A young developer who builds user-friendly web applications. In his spare time, he expands his knowledge about new technologies and skates at the skateparks.


Angular Developer

Passionate about web application development, enthusiast for clean code and best practices. Focused on becoming better at Angular every day. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and listening to podcasts.


Angular Developer

Ambitious angular developer strongly focused on delivering maintainable and high-quality code. Enthusiast of technological innovations and evolution of artificial intelligence.


Angular Developer

A front-end developer who is passionate about Angular. He is an enthusiast for clean code and always pays attention to detail. His main goal is to consistently improve as a programmer.


Angular Developer

Front-end developer specialized in creating high-efficiency code utilizing Angular, Nx and NgRx. In his spare time he loves to walk down Tatra’s trails.


Angular Developer

Developer who thrives on crafting code reactively. He’s adept at using reactive programming to build dynamic user interfaces that smoothly adjust to changing data and user action.


Angular Developer

Keen on web accessibility and design. Always down for a bowl of ramen and a good workout.


Angular Developer

A developer who has a passion for Angular. Aims to advance to a senior level in web development. In his spare time, he dedicates himself to learning AI technologies and automation.


Angular Developer

Proficient in Angular, enthusiastic about writing clean and maintainable code. Interested in cross-platform compatibility. Has extensive experience as a full-stack developer in financial and tax systems.

Backend Team



A DevOps professional who, if necessary, will do everything – from automation to programming in Excel. He enjoys helping in any way he can, just as much as he enjoys clearing technical debt. He is interested in new technologies, geopolitics, and cinematography.


Java Developer

He is an enthusiastic software engineer who is eager to learn and grow. Committed to delivering high-quality work, Mateusz is always looking for opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills.


Java Developer

Backend developer who likes to solve database problems. In his spare time, he works out at the gym and plays squash.



Head of Operations

Coordinating, managing and motivating project teams. She is a born leader with good communication and conflict management skills.


HR Specialist

HR Specialist with a passion for nurturing positive workplaces. Adept at communication and employee engagement. Dedicated to shaping company culture and fostering success.



Project Manager

Experienced Project Manager in fast-paced environments. Native Polish speaker, fluent in English, French, and Spanish. Proven track record in complex project management. Detail-oriented with strong communication skills. Builds relationships with clients and team members. Passionate about continuous improvement and collaboration.


Scrum Master

Multi-tasking committed and goal-oriented Scrum Master with a strong background in Project Management. Agile and Scrum enthusiast. Fan of Liberating Structures and knowledge sharing. Regular attendee of meetups and other Agile events. Experienced in working with distributed, international teams.


QA Specialist

A motivated manual tester who is eager to learn and is not afraid of new challenges. She takes care of the applications quality. Besides of technologies, she is also interested in art.


QA Specialist

An ambitious beginner in software testing who loves challenges. She is always eager to learn and improve her testing skills with different tools and techniques. Outside of work, she is passionate about fantasy and science fiction and enjoys reading books and movies from these genres.

Office, Marketing & Sales


Marketing Manager

An ambitious and creative manager with a strong experience in B2B marketing. She is responsible for the development and execution of marketing strategy. Kate is eager to gain new knowledge and find new creative solutions. She believes in an inbound approach and the power of teamwork.


Community & Event Manager

A young and positive person, helping everyone in their daily work. She takes care of the office and is responsible for preparing events.


Marketing Specialist

An outgoing and motivated person, engaged in marketing support activities. She is keen on working with people and making new acquaintances. She focuses on details and loves searching for new knowledge.


Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist skilled in managing paid ads, optimising SEO strategies and conducting data analysis. Passionate about great distance travels and acquainting other cultures.


Office Manager

Office Manager known for excellent organization, meticulousness and outstanding communication skills. Her attention to detail enables her to efficiently manage daily office operations, while her determination drives her constant pursuit of improvement and finding new solutions.




Supervises current technological resources and technological development of the organization in order to provide the best possible support.



Puts out the fire within teams. He makes major corporate and strategic decisions, manages the company operations and resources.

Join us!

Our values


People personally commit to achieving the goals of the Team


Team members have courage to do the right thing and work on tough problems


Everyone focuses on the work and the goals of the Team


Team members respect each other. As mutual understanding and respect increase, the exchange of ideas will rise which will increase company knowledge and innovation


The Team agrees that being open in terms of sharing information is important because it shows what people want and expect

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