Our mission is to become the biggest and the strongest Angular Team in Central East Europe.

If you love Angular, there is no better place to get knowledge and become an Angular master.

Join us!

How will you continue to develop your skills with us?

  • Work in the Team which loves Angular and is one of the best in Poland
  • Be part of our Angular workshops, meetups and conferences
  • Have dedicated time to tasks focused on your development
  • Participate in Open Source projects and get regular feedback from your teammates
  • Be involved in challenging international projects
  • Be part of our social initiatives like community

What does the recruitment process look like?


If your CV will meet our expectations, the following will await you:

  • You’ll get a phone call from Maja, who will arrange an interview with our developers
  • You will be given an assignment that you’ll have to either do before or during the interview – we will let you know in advance
  • no HR ❌ ?
  • A technical meeting with our Angular Developer


And finally, you can expect an offer and a warm welcome at House of Angular!


If the offer won’t be on the table this time, you will receive feedback explaining what you could work on to have a better shot the next time, so don’t worry if you won’t be successful for the first time, you can certainly try and apply again! 🙂


What else awaits you?

house of angular fast development icon


Available company convertible that you can rent out for summer rides

house of angular icon business

Dedicated buddy

Buddy and team leaders who will support you and your development from day one at your new job

house of angular icon best practices

Developer Experience

We put a great deal of value on good projects, which is why we focus on satisfactory projects and reject the qualitatively worse ones

house of angular icon team

Friendly Atmosphere

We often get together for company breakfasts, parties and Fifa tournaments

Functional office

Comfortable office environment (different themed snacks every day, unlimited energy drinks, beers, ping pong, PS4, PS5 and gaming steering wheels)

Hybrid or remote work

Full-time or part-time work, possibility of working 100% remotely

Language classes

Weekly English and German lessons


Company trips at least twice a year, including a summer trip and a winter trip to a warm destination

house of angular icon versatile use


An opportunity to combine work and leisure by taking advantage of a subsidized workation with your colleagues

If you want to learn more about our projects check it out here!


Can I apply for the second time if I didn’t manage to get in the first time?

Absolutely yes! We strongly appreciate people who never give up and try to develop their skills! If you are going to apply for the second time, it’s worth mentioning in the description of your application. It’s very valuable information for us. Door never gets closed! Regardless of your previous recruitment outcome.

Is the interview held in English or Polish?

The whole interview is held in Polish. At the end we will ask you a couple of questions in English to check your language skills. Since we develop mostly foreign projects, communication skills in English are essential. Major part of the interview is held in Polish. We check your English skills mainly in terms of your ability to freely communicate.

Who takes part in the interview?

The interview is led by our Angular Developers and the Board.

What does the interview look like?

Intro – short talk about your previous experience, you’ll also have a chance to ask the recruiters about the company, how we work etc. It’s a great time for both you and us to get to know each other!
Practical part – tasks for you to solve
Theoretical part – quick questions to check your knowledge
Summary –  talk about expectations, another chance to ask questions

Will I be hired for a particular project?

We look for someone for long-term cooperation. We rarely hire developers for particular projects.

What does onboarding look like at HoA? How do we welcome new people?

From the first day at HOA you are a part of our Angular family! Are you wondering what exactly can you expect? Do not hesitate to read more about it here Angular Developers onboarding.

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