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2 years ago
Welcome on board

First days in a new job, for sure you know how it is – new surroundings and responsibilities, new work culture, new team, new challenges, new tools… quite a lot to take in, right? Here at House of Angular, we are aware of that and that’s why we developed our own onboarding system, thanks to which your first days at work will pass in a cool and pleasant atmosphere. Do you want to find out more? Well… keep on reading!

At House Of Angular we structured and fully prepared the onboarding process for new Angular Developers in order to meet their needs. Thanks to this, our employees can quickly and easily get acclimatized, introduced to projects and even catch up on some programming!

We have some proven ideas that we try to implement and improve all the time. Interested?! So let’s start the adventure with our onboarding!

The onboarding process starts with a welcome e-mail. On the first day at work, an Angular developer gets his buddy. This is followed by internal networking and lunch with the buddy. At the end of the process, the first tasks are introduced and the new project begins.

Onboarding of an Angular Developer before the first day at work

How come?! You haven’t even started the job yet! Sounds unconventional? Nothing more misleading, initially you receive a welcome email with some basic information, an Angular library, and our company repository. This should assure you a smooth start. As our new teammate, you are in constant contact with our angular developers even though your career here hasn’t officially started. This brings you together and gives you a chance to ask questions or clarify any doubts via our company slack or email.

First day at work

Finally! It’s your first day at work – sounds great! New place, new people, new surroundings. First of all, you will be greeted by your desk decorated with a lot of candies and balloons, apart from a prepared workstation, laptop, mouse, and monitor waiting for you. We love meeting new people and we value the atmosphere at work, so we take care of your well-being every step of the way. Getting to know your team is also very important to us. Because of our remote working mode, you don’t always have a chance to get to know everyone on your first day. That is why we post a special message on our company’s slack, informing everyone about you joining the team. It’s also a tradition to write a few words about yourself so that everyone, despite the distance separating us, can find out something about you, ask a few questions about your interests or just say “Hi!”. Following the organizational part, you land in the hands of a dedicated Buddy. Who is a Buddy and what does he do? Well… we’re already rushing to explain!


Every new employee has a dedicated colleague – the so-called Buddy, during the first days of work. This is the person responsible for making sure that you are properly introduced to our work system. In the beginning, the Buddy is your main and most important source of information. When you encounter a problem, you let your Buddy know. We agree with the the statement: “There are no stupid questions – there are only stupid answers“, so even the most difficult, trivial questions should be answered by a Buddy! Remember that your Buddy is a person who knows the company well, is communicative, sociable, and helpful. Furthermore, your Buddy doesn’t officially stop being your Buddy. Even if you have already officially moved on to a commercial project, it doesn’t mean that you can’t ask your Buddy about various issues that are bothering or troubling you. The most important thing is to keep supporting and motivating each other to achieve the best results!

Introduction to the company life 

On your first day at work, you immediately become part of our team. You are taken to your first company lunch by your Buddy to get to know each other a little better in a more casual way. We’re allowed to have fun in the office, which is why we have a dedicated fun room with darts, Xbox and ping pong, and a playroom where you can play Fifa or have a virtual race on the track. The welcome party is also a must! After-hours chats with alcoholic beverages and fast food are the best. All in all, internal networking works really well!

Two people pointing to a note board

First tasks

Now, let’s move on to more technical issues – your first tasks. As a new Angular Dev, you will be given a task to write a simple application, thanks to which your current knowledge will be checked once again. Of course, you accomplish this by being in constant contact with your dedicated Buddy, who you can ask questions as they arise. Then the Buddy checks your PRs and you analyze the code together, suggest changes or possible extensions. You get both internal and external feedback, informing you which issues you should spend more time on or where you still need to catch up.  This is the first small, one-person project you conduct. 

In the meantime you get a list of topics you should learn, depending on your knowledge level, divided into must-have, nice to have, etc. This way you can polish your skills or mark topics you have already mastered. It is easier to find out which issues you need to spend more time on or which ones should be refreshed. During the onboarding process, there is a time to catch up and fill in all the gaps.

Space to collect your thoughts

Of course, we are aware of the fact that during the first days of work, chaos forms in your head – a lot of new information, rules, or responsibilities to take in. Sometimes you are not able to remember everything at once. That is why we want you to be able to go through the system of implementation at your own pace – so that you can take your own time during the first days of work. The system of implementation depends strictly on you and your level of knowledge. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with your chosen pace of work.

A group of people with question marks above their heads that mean brainstorming


What do you think? After reading this article, will you agree with us that the onboarding process in our company is organized really well? 😉 Our employees appreciate working with us and praise the possibility to implement the system in their own way. Thanks to this, catching up and assimilating information you didn’t have before doesn’t seem to be such a big challenge. These actions make it easier for you to start your adventure with a commercial project and in addition, both you and the client can be fully convinced that the programmers from House Of Angular are well prepared for their work not only substantively, but also mentally!

Interested? If you want to be a part of our team and see for yourself how the onboarding process works, apply here:https://houseofangular.io/career/

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