NestJS and Angular – benefits from using these frameworks together in your app.

3 years ago
NestJS and Angular

Are you starting a new project and you would like to know more about the latest technology? You came to the right place. Check why we recommend using NestJS and Angular for web development.

Angular enables developers to create dynamic web applications. NestJS, on the other hand, is a progressive Node.js framework that helps programmers to build scalable server-side applications by using JavaScript as a server-side programming language. 

Angular framework and NodeJS platform can be useful to create and develop powerful interactive and feature-rich cross-platform web applications in JavaScript language on both  – the client and server-side.

Faster development process 

The first and foremost important benefit of using those two technologies is a faster development process. 

NestJS is easy to learn, use and master for Angular developers and vice versa because these frameworks have a lot in common. So if there are bugs in your project, developers can fix them fast. The frontend developer doesn’t have to wait for the backend developer to fix the bugs because can do it alone. The developer’s knowledge of 2 technologies speeds up the application development process even more. Since one developer would be responsible for providing all the functionality so that he would not have to pass information and documentation to the other developer, the number of meetings and discussions needed for the proper course of the development process is reduced.

Moreover, it is possible to share the code between the frontend and the backend, which eliminates wasting time rewriting the same functionalities on the backend and frontend, e.g. functions for generating unique identifiers.

An application in finding monorepo such as Nx allows you to create functions from start to finish in a single repository. Also, it eliminates the problem when the function on the backend causes changes to other features and forces you to quickly deploy changes on the front side, especially when the backend is not available locally.

Cheaper than other frameworks

Building a new application or system is associated with high costs. Therefore, it is crucial to make it clear what you are spending the money on. 

If this is your first project, you need to know that you are paying for the developer hours. Bugs may show up in the development process, but there is nothing to worry about. Fixing bugs quickly and being able to share code between frontend and backend saves not only time but also money. As we mentioned before, Frontend Developers will be able to fix bugs very quickly as they will not have to wait for other Backend Developers. For example: instead of hiring 2 developers (one backend and one frontend) you can easily hire one that uses NestJS and Angular.

Both frameworks deliver code generators that help developers in the most repetitive cases. In House of Angular, we also work to increase the number of available generators to make the development even cheaper. As these two platforms use the same technology to generate the code, we can do it more efficiently.

Additionally, the common tools such as Nx, Prettier, Schematics, and many others, reduce the time spent on configuring each page, and the configuration itself is systematized.

Using the same configuration we can provide the same quality improvement tools for backend and frontend without additional cost.

Best Quality

Quality is also crucial. Angular and NestJS are built on top of TypeScript, which greatly affects the quality of the code, i.e. maintainability and speed of error detection. Providing interfaces, reach data types, and build time checks allows eliminating errors related to differences in these structures between the backend and the frontend.

Using the same configuration we can provide the same quality improvement tools for backend and frontend without additional cost.

Both frameworks are strongly focused on architecture. In House of Angular, we take this topic seriously because it reduces technological debt, which in the future results in a long time to add new functionalities and the appearance of a large number of errors.


If your goal is to build an application that will hit the market quickly and will not eat up your entire budget – we recommend using Angular and NestJS.

Feel free to ask questions. Choosing the technology for a future application has never been easy. Therefore, if you need professional advice or want to find out if NestJS and Angular will be a good solution for your project – contact us and we will be happy to help.

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