Angular Code-Audit

Verbessern Sie die Anwendungsleistung, stellen Sie die Skalierbarkeit sicher und senken Sie die Projektkosten, indem Sie Code-Schwachstellen frühzeitig identifizieren.

Besorgen Sie sich eine detaillierte Überprüfung und Empfehlungen für Ihren Code von einem Team von Angular-Experten.

Angular Code-Audit

June 11, 6 PM CEST


How to Optimize Your Angular App Performance

Join our free webinar based on a real-life case study to discover tools, tips, and best practices that will boost your app performance.

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Did you know that...

If your application slows down as the project’s complexity and size grow… you’re not alone. You just need to focus on optimizing its performance. Often, these issues stem from the application not being scaled properly, lack of experience in applying performance improvement solutions, difficulties adapting to new versions, or improper integration of external libraries. 

Join our webinar, where an Angular Team Leader with 7 years of experience will highlight performance pitfalls and discuss effective strategies and tools that will help you achieve significant improvements.

In this webinar, you will learn about:​


Tools and metrics for monitoring application performance.


Causes of performance issues. Practical examples of how some Angular features can affect app performance. 


The best practices and tips to enhance application efficiency and examples of its implementation.


Q&A session and the opportunity to discuss your case.

Case Study

Mateusz Stefańczyk
Angular Team Leader

How I Optimized the Performance of My Real-Life Application. I’ll share with you the signs that indicated my app’s performance needed improvement, how I detected the problems, and the tricks that helped optimize my app performance.

For whom?

Join us if you’re a software developer or Tech Leader working with Angular, whether you’re grappling with performance issues, seeking expert advice, or simply aiming to enhance your programming skills.

How Long?

We will meet on June 11 at 6 PM CEST.
Duration: 1 hour + Q&A session.

How much?

It’s free. You don’t pay anything. Register to get a link to the live transmission, webinar recording, and a bonus.

Our Speaker

Mateusz Stefańczyk

Angular Team Leader

For 7 years, Mateusz has been developing web applications with Angular. He has performed dozens of audits for Angular projects worldwide. Mateusz actively participates in the community, writing expert articles, and sharing his knowledge at Angular meetups in Poland, Norway, Germany, and the UK.

Why us?

building enterprise-scale web applications, including ERP and CRM solutions, CMSes, e-learning and B2B e-commerce platforms, and more
big-scale development projects worldwide (USA, Germany, UK, Norway, Belgium, etc.) Look at our Angular case studies

awards for Angular Hero of Education 2022 and Angular Hero of Community 2021. We provide the biggest Angular blog in Poland –

Participation in the event is free

Once you register, you’ll receive a link to the livestream and some extra bonuses! Feel free to ask questions and join the discussion during the Q&A session.