6 ways how House of Angular supports the angular community

2 years ago
Supporting Angular community icon and Angular Hero of Community Award

At House of Angular, we strive to support the Angular Community with our work. We constantly want to develop and improve our front-end framework, so we have implemented several activities which we conduct both internally, in the company and externally. This has been acknowledged and  we’ve been awarded with the Angular Hero of Community Award at ngAwards in 2022.

Just to be clear – we are not resting on our laurels! We strive to build an even stronger Angular Community in Poland. After all, the community is the driving force of Angular! Do you want to become a part of it and support the frontend framework together with us? In this article, you will learn how we are developing Angular and how you can start doing it too! 🙂

Learn about the 6 ways how to support the Angular Community with House of Angular!

House of Angular receiving the Angular Hero of Community award at NG Poland 2021

Our main goal is to build the biggest team of Angular experts in Poland. It’s been said that if you want to start doing something or change something, you should start with yourself. At House of Angular, we support experienced developers in their development and help beginners to spread their wings. We are also happy to share our knowledge about Angular and beyond. So how exactly do we do that?

1. Angular Meetups

For some time now, we have been opening up more and more and we started organizing Angular MeetUps ourselves, which invite you to join our Angular world and next to interesting lectures, we also get a chance to get to know each other. The purpose of those Meetups is to share our Angular experience and establish contacts with members of the Community. We believe that knowledge must constantly be expanded because only then we will be able to share it. Additionally, participating in our Meetups, allows you to meet other Angular developers with whom you can exchange experiences. In short – a dose of knowledge combined with the integration of our Angular community 😉 

The next Meetup soon! Follow our social media for more information and see for yourself how we connect and educate during our meetings.

The audience during one of the lectures

2. Angular.love blog

It is not a secret that we are the owners of the biggest Polish blog about Angular – angular.love. We prepare valuable angular content in order to share our knowledge and best practices with you right here, on this platform. We also create an opportunity for other Angular Developers from our community and beyond to share their knowledge by writing articles for our blog. We want angular.love to be a space
you can gain practical angular knowledge by reading valuable articles as well as tips and tricks.  

Are you curious about the recently posted articles? Check it out here.

3. Development and open source projects

All of our developers have dedicated time for developing in Angular and supporting open source projects. So they can contribute to Angular by developing and fixing bugs, or they can improve their knowledge by, for example, giving in-house presentations or participating in training. All development proposals are always welcome! 😉 Since Angular is also an open-source platform, we try to improve it for ourselves and others!

4. Angular Academy for pupils and students

Our original project, aimed at pupils and students with basic programming knowledge. A combination of development and passion for programming under the guidance of experienced mentors. We want to support and expand the competencies of motivated, ambitious people and give them a chance for a commercial start in a friendly, Angular work environment. Participants received free access to a full angular online course, followed by mentorship in order to complete an individual project in the form of an assignment in the end. The best ones had a chance of getting an internship at House of Angular. The project with the value of about 12 000 PLN net for one participant was fully reimbursed by us.

5. Training

Training is organized both for subgroups, as well as for everyone at our company. We want to improve our Developer’s competences, and training is not only an opportunity to increase the level of knowledge in the Team but also a good way to spend time together. Even though the Angular knowledge at House of Angular is at a very high level, we still tend to participate in conferences and trainings. Technology is constantly evolving and we can’t afford to be left behind! 😉

6. Technology sponsor

The importance of supporting the efforts of other organizations is very clear to us. Together we can do more! 🙂 That’s why, House of Angular is also a sponsor of many technologies such as NgRx, NestJS as well as training and conferences like NG-Poland, Eneterprise NG or ng-conf. Thanks to that we are often able to offer discounts or even free event tickets to members of our community.

What do you think? Have you found something for yourself? Of course, there are plenty of ways to contribute to the growth of the Angular community, certainly more than the 6 we’ve developed. It doesn’t matter which one you choose – the important thing is to be active and develop Angular through your actions!

If you want to be a part of the Angular Community and work on expanding it together with us, join us here or write in the chat! 🙂

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