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How to build a strong Angular team and reduce developers turnover

Join the webinar to learn how to source, recruit and motivate top Angular developers

26th April at 3PM GMT+2

The webinar has already taken place. Find articles about Angular projects and developer experience on our blog.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

structure the recruitment process and attract top Angular experts

identify the right candidates by CV and evaluate their skills

determine what will make qualified developers want to join your company

improve developer experience so new developers will want to stay with your company for years

For whom?

The webinar is dedicated to CEOs, CTOs and developers struggling to create a strong Angular Team

When? How Long?

Let’s meet on April 27th at 3PM GMT+2 for the 1-hour-long high-quality discussion.

How much?

This webinar is free of charge.

Our speakers

Cornelius Kopec

talent growth manager

I am responsible for growing the Angular team at House of Angular and sourcing new candidates.

Greg Lipke


Co-founder of House of Angular. I have conducted over 300 interviews and hired dozens of developers. In my free time, I help young programmers to successfully enter the IT market.

Participation in the event is free. ​

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